Softies sizing charts

  • How to choose the right size soft sole baby shoes.
  • For the right size shoe, measure baby's foot and add another 1-1.5cm in length.
  • The shoes do stretch somewhat and forms around the foot to fit perfectly.
  • The heal has elastic to keep the shoes in place. 
  • Make sure you work with the greater length if your Baby's feet are different sizes                                                                               

                                                                  Soft sole sizing chart!



  • How to choose the right size kids shoes 
  • First you need to measure your child's foot.  
  • While your child is sitting or standing place his or her feet on a sheet of paper 
  • Draw a mark at your child's heel and longest toe.
  • Measure the length between the markings which will give you the foot length 
  • Measure the width in the same way, the widest part of the foot.
  • Add 0.5-1 cm to the length and 0.5 cm to the width for a good fit.
  • Refer to our sizing chart below – Sizes are approximate.


                                                                 Kids shoes sizing chart!




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